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16 June 2017

Eid/Celebration Outfit

adjective  mul·ti·cul·tur·al  \ˌməl-tē-ˈkəlch-rəl, -ˌtī-, -ˈkəl-chə-\

08 June 2017

Summer Wishlist : Crochet Swimsuit, Bodycon Dress & more | Sponsored

tenindvr tenin dvr zaful wishlist summer clothes sale

As I am currently getting ready for my upcoming summer destinations, I am looking for pieces of cloth to vamp up my summer wardrobe by including for example a black bodycon midi dress or a red beach dress among other things. Luckily I have just discovered the online fashion shopping store Zaful that offers a diverse range of clothes from trendy to basic.

tenindvr tenin dvr zaful wishlist summer clothes sale

I currently have my eyes on this beautiful Zaful ruffle bathing suit. This bikini set comes with a plunging collar-line toped with frills. Although the bathing suit comes in different colours (from khaki to pink) I prefer the red one as, I do believe that it is a colour that flatters and compliment every skin-tone of the rainbow. 

(currently on sale)
tenindvr tenin dvr zaful wishlist summer clothes sale

The second swimsuit that matched my attention was this stray braille bikini. I liked the fact that it has spaghetti straps which is very charming in my opinion, especially when combined with a colour as pretty as dusty pink. The straps of the bikini will act when wore as jewelries, garnement to your body and will instantly compliment your tan.

(currently on sale)

If you are looking to be glamorous, to be on top of current fashion trends while still wearing comfortable pieces and at the same being time on a budget, there is no need for you to look any further : Zaful is just what you needed. This online store offers a wide range of clothes at an affordable price, good quality and with a fast shipping. The category that I do personally prefer is the "Dresses" one. Wether you are looking for a day dress or a detailed one to go out, you'll always manage to find your happiness among the different pattern designs, shapes, lengths and trends..






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20 May 2017

23 April 2017

48 hours in Lisbon.

geographical name  Por·tu·gal  \ˈpȯr-chi-gəl, ˌpür-tü-ˈgäl\

27 March 2017

Dog Sledding in Lapland

Dog Sledding 
noun  dog·sled  \ˈdȯg-ˌsled\

Let me take you to Kiruna in the Swedish Lapland where I spent few days last month.
Laissez moi vous transporter a Kiruna en Laponie suédoise où j'y ai passe quelques jours le mois dernier.

09 March 2017

Skincare favourite | Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair Serum

As a young girl, I remember watching my mum cleaning, moisturizing and taking good care of her skin every morning and every nights. I guess, as many of us, that I learned a lot about beauty from her and I especially remember seeing her using Estée Lauder products more than anything else. No wonders the brand has become one of my chouchou and I always swear by it, from skincare to makeup as you may already know thanks to my review on the Estée Lauder Double Wear Foundation.

02 March 2017

19 February 2017

13 February 2017

48 hours in Stockholm

As last week we spend 48 hours in Stockholm, the capital of Sweden, we decided to make the most of it by the city, brunching in one of the cutest tea room I've ever got to see, shopping, ice skating and more. In today's post I'm sharing you great places to visit and dine from when in Stockholm.

26 January 2017

19 January 2017

2017 Trend Spotlight : Femleisure

noun, often attributive  com·bi·na·tion  \ˌkäm-bə-ˈnā-shən\

01 January 2017

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